Podcasts That We Love

As a keen Podcast listener, here is what is sitting on GingerBloke’s iPhone for him to listen to.

Please note: This is a non-sponsored article. Any views expressed are my own and have nothing to do with those producing podcast content.


The Rooster Teeth Podcast:

rooster teeth

RSS Feed: http://s3.roosterteeth.com/podcasts/index.xml

The RT Podcast used to be known as the Drunk Tank until the company decided that they might have trouble receiving sponsorship with such a name and so changed the name.

Built on a strong community base of fans of the machinima series Red vs Blue, based on Halo, Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns and Geoff Ramsey started a podcast to help get the message of their company out to the larger public. What resulted was an extremely funny set of podcasts and now video casts that will have you laughing uncontrollably – well, they do me anyway. I recommend anyone start listening from the first episode to get the very best from these guys and their growing team of staff.

Listening to these guys is like listening to a bunch of your friends and is great for long car journeys and waking up in the shower alike.


The Patch

the patch
RSS Feed: http://s3.roosterteeth.com/podcasts/gaming-index.xml

Another great podcast from the Rooster Teeth Team, the patch looks at latest release games and was borne out of the RT podcast which always had a splattering of gaming in it’s running. Enjoy the game talk with the added joy of a little comedy.


The Tuesday Club

tuesday club

RSS Feed: http://thetuesdayclub.libsyn.com/rss

I am a great fan of the Arsenal, despite what they have and haven’t been doing lately, but these guys are true gooners. The Tuesday Club gang hold a place in my heart similar to that of the RT podcasters, with great wit and humour, they look over the past period of games and rip the players, managers and fans apart with scant regard. I wish that I could say that the show was a regular weekly one, but when they come they are definitely worth it.

Made up by a selection of Alan Davies (yep the Jonathaan Creek one), Ian Stone (bestest buds with Ian Wright), Keith Dover, Tayo Popoola and Damian Harris, you will never feel the same way about the Arsenal again.

Look out for Alan’s rants when the team have had a particularly poor game, it’s brilliant.


The Infinite Monkey Cage





RSS Feed: http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/radio4/timc/rss.xml

The very same science program aired on BBC Radio 4, hosted by Physicist Brian Cox and Comedian Robin Ince. Science has never been so interesting and witty and because many working people are unable to listen to live shows at 16:30, the podcast allows you to listen on the train to work or when you want.


We’re Alive – A “Zombie” Story of Survival

we're alive
RSS Feed: http://werealive.libsyn.com/rss

If you like zombies and apocalypses, you’ll love this often gripping audio drama. Created by Kc Wayland and Shane Salk, initially the episodes felt a little amateur, yet over time the cast have become more confident and this is now one of the most popular audio drama podcasts around.

Based around the story of an Army reservist and his fight for survival when the zombies awaken and come knocking on civilisation’s door, this is a podcast to be enjoyed when you have a chance to kick back, relax and take in the atmosphere created around your ears.


Tech It or Leave It

RSS Feed: http://www.simplysyndicated.com/shows/techitorleaveit/feed

A Tech show produced by Mancunian Rich Smith of Simply Syndicated, this podcast does exactly what it says on the tin and takes a look at the latest tech news available on an almost weekly basis.


No Such Thing As A Fish





RSS Feed: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:11400353/sounds.rss?#

If you love QI and love interesting facts and comedy, you will love this. Produced by the QI “elves” who find all of those interesting and funny facts for the show, the No Such Thing As A Fish podcast is full of more for your in ear entertainment.


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