An Iraqi woman has reportedly killed an Isis commander after he forced her to become a sex slave for his fighters.

The Isis commander, only referred to by his nom de guerre Abu Anas, was allegedly murdered by an unidentified Iraqi woman on 5 September in Mosul, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)spokesperson Saeed Mamouzini told al-Sumari TV.

According to Mr Mamouzini, the woman had been captured by the Isis commander and coerced into marrying several of the man’s fighters three months ago.

The claims follow documented examples of Isis – also known as the Islamic State – systematically abusing women and girls within their captured territory.

A Human Rights Watch report earlier this year interviewed Yazidi survivors. The women described the rape and torture meted out by their captors, justified by a narrow interpretation of the Koran. It preceded a New York Times piece also interviewing sex slave survivors, which demonstrated how Isis “enshrined a theology of rape”.