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Jeremy Corbyn has issued a stark warning, in the Independent newspaper today, to Labour’s MPs that he expects them to back his radical agenda should he win the leadership election, reminding them who has put them where they are today; grass-roots supporters.

A majority of high-ranking MP’s, members of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) and ex-Labour royalty, including Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the three opposing candidates, have spoken out against Mr Corbyn’s leadership campaign, branding him a radical left winger who will bring the party down and in to opposition for a long period.

The problem here is that the PLP does not appear to be listening to the Constitutional LP, the grass-roots members who pay the majority of the party’s funds and carries out the majority of campaigning work.

The fact is that if the CLP and associate members from Trade Unions choose as a majority to vote for Jeremy Corbyn as Party leader, they will expect the whole party, including the PLP to respect their decision otherwise it is fair to assume that the party may well face a backlash from it’s members.

Let us remember that a. the Party is a historically left-wing socialist one and b. this is democracy after all.

The story in the Independent’s words:

In a barely coded threat to the right of the party, Mr Corbyn told The Independent that MPs should remember they were only in Parliament because Labour Party members “worked night and day” to get them there.

He called on them to “recognise” that there was a “huge thirst for significant change in the party” and not to “stand in the way” of reforming the party.

“I will absolutely use our supporters to push our agenda up to the parliamentary party and get them to follow that,” he said. “We have to encourage the Parliamentary Labour Party to be part of that process and not to stand in the way of democratising the party and empowering the party members. It is going to be an interesting discussion.”

via Jeremy Corbyn tells Labour MPs: if you don’t back me, the grassroots will rise up – UK Politics – UK – The Independent.