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EU Ready for Well-Planned Disinformation Campaign against Russia and Other States

The EU «strategic communication plan» to counter «Russian propaganda» in Europe has not been published yet, but the very fact of its existence hits the radar screen. Originally, the nine-page plan (already seen by many reporters) was to be made public at the June 25-26 session of the European Council.

The expectations were dashed with controversies remaining and ironic comments coming from Russia. State Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin says Washington politicians who claim Russia’s isolation are «pathetic clowns». «Russia’s isolation is just impossible and those high-ranking politicians in Washington who claim that they allegedly isolated Russia look like pathetic clowns», Naryshkin told a lower house session on July 3. «This initiative of the EU contradicts European values, including the freedom of speech. It also limits the right of people to get information from different sources. In fact, this…

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