Peace and Freedom


By Roland G. Simbulan
Philippine Inquirer

It is time to reexamine the internal and external policies that have made us lose effective control over our natural resources, economic activities and even our own State.

For decades, our government has bowed to the impositions of foreign interests, which we have allowed to shape and dictate our policies. These have made us weak and vulnerable. And yet, we declare in our 1987 Constitution that we pursue an independent foreign policy founded on the principles of peace, self-determination and peaceful coexistence.

We have been the object of big powers fighting each other to gain control of our geographically strategic land and its natural wealth.

Bone of contention

Today, we are the “bone of contention” of big powers—with China, an emerging world power, challenging US hegemony. Former World Bank chief economist Joseph Stiglitz writes that China has surpassed the United States as a…

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