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#AceNewsReport – YEMEN:June.20: It the eve of Ramadan and this happens in SAANA: The Yemeni capital was rocked on Wednesday night by five bombs that targeted mosques and a house of a senior Houthi militaman.

Thirty-one people were killed, according to AFP, with dozens feared injured, as the bombs exploded almost simultaneously just after sundown on the eve of Ramadan.

Two car bombs targeted mosques, while a third hit the house of the head of the Houthi militia politburo, Saleh al-Sammad. Explosive devices also went off at two other mosques.

It was not immediately possible to obtain a more detailed breakdown of the numbers of people killed and wounded.

Video footage that purports to be from the scene of one of the explosions, outside the Green Dome Mosque in Hayel Street, shows fire spreading to nearby buildings after the huge blast.

A separate clip shows bystanders rushing to the site…

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