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Tonybee Tiles


Located in more than 20 cities across the United States and a handful of cities in South America, these usually (but sometimes larger) license plate sized tiles have been found embedded in asphalt at seemingly random locations. The tiles usually read some version of the phrase “TOYNBEE IDEA IN MOViE `2001 RESURRECT DEAD ON PLANET JUPITER.” As of now there is no known reason for these tiles existence

Amy Lynn Bradley


Amy Lynn Bradley disappeared while on a Royal Caribbean Cruise with her family in 1988 and hasn’t “officially” been seen since. However, there have been reported sightings of her over the years, most notably in brothels and other such situations, suggesting that she may have been sold into sexual slavery. As it stands, there is a $250,000 dollar reward for information leading to her return.

Max Headroom (Video)


On the evening of November 22, 1987, two separate television…

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