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I have written a lot HERE <Click) About the USA and China. Earlier last year Obama said China was a threat and now Hillary Clinton of all people is trying to form some kind of peace. I would guess China are getting as bored as the rest of EARTH of the USA policing area’s of the World it really needs not. I have an image I have had for a while and will put it below this text before the video’s. I will also leave links below but as always go do your own research. I caught this on ATS <Click)

When will the USA learn?When will the USA learn?

China Warns Of World War 3 Unless The US Backs Down On South China Sea
VIDEO ViaQronos16on You Tube

US WARNED by CHINA to STAY out of Territorial DISPUTUTES! Military focus on ASIA SOUTH SEA’S
VIDEO ViaWYNKnewson You Tube

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