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We will say what Dr. Bashar al-Jaa`fari told the Saudi representative in the UN: “We will cut the hand that will be raised over Syria.”

SyAAF is conducting series of airstrikes against ISIS locations in Palmyra as land forces are gathered 1km from ISIS locations around the city.

Syrian Arab Army's photo.

Further details when available.

There was absolutely no hostile aerial activity over Latakia earlier today. The explosion was not a result of shooting down an enemy drone nor an enemy airstrike.

We are not allowed to publish more, but those who know the credibility of this page, you are welcome to take our word for it.

Everyone knows that the Turkish air force is a joke. If you don’t believe us, ask the Hellenic Air Force (HAF)

Today, the Turkish foreign minister announced that they will provide air support to the terrorists mercenaries they are…

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