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Bismarck, Steuerhinterziehung, Steuerbetrug, Schweiz

Switzerland has begun revealing alleged foreign tax dodgers that are wanted by tax authorities in their native countries, Swiss newspaper Sonntagszeitung reported.

Names, birth dates and nationalities of people suspected by their countries of origin to have stashed money in the alpine tax haven are being published in Switzerland’s official legal paper Bundesblatt. US nationals will be identified by their initials, Sonntagszeitung said.


Swiss authorities said they had been overwhelmed by requests from Germany, Russia, India and the United States to expose suspected tax cheats. German media have been anxious to find Francisco Jose Ortiz von Bismarck, a descendant of Germany’s first chancellor Otto von Bismarck, among those under investigation.

According to the Swiss newspaper, the move will allow those wanted by their governments a chance to seek legal aid. Switzerland has recently been rolling back its notorious bank secrecy after it came under pressure from tax authorities across the world, specifically from the United States.

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Since the late 2000s, Washington has been pressuring Swiss banks to provide names of its citizens whose money had…

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