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The results are in and it is almost certain that the UK general election of 2015 has been won by the Conservative and Unionist Party with a probably near if not tiny majority; at least in England anyway. Elsewhere in the United (sic) Kingdom, Scotland has been won with a landslide to the Scottish Nationalist Party, Wales by Labour and in Northern Ireland by the Democratic Unionists.

So what was it that caused many in marginal seats to stick with the Tories over Labour? Obviously there is no simple answer, but a good place to look would be in the Tory’s scare mongering over a Labour SNP Coalition, causing many to shy away from Labour due to the belief that the SNP would rule over England.

Well guess what? That looks like the case for the future. Until there is a parliamentary change to the constitution, the Scottish Nationalists will have a direct say in what happens in English politics as well as UK and Scottish politics. The irony is that the very growth of Scottish nationalism, along with the Tory propaganda wagon, has caused for a spike in English nationalism also, headed by the Tories (or maybe they will call themselves the Conservative and Unionist English National Party now!).

Regardless of what happens in the next few weeks, with the upcoming Scottish Assembly elections next year, a mandate for the SNP may well be enough to call for another Independence referendum that will almost certainly go in favour of a yes vote this time.

Which ever way you look at it, be it the fault of the SNP effectively wiping out Labour and the Lib Dems (remember them?) from Scotland, Labour doing abysmally following their campaigning with the Tories during the No to Independence campaign or the Tory whipping up of English nationalism, the Union is in jeopardy and it is up to a minority of UK voters to save it or not.

If only there was another way? – https://campaignforafederaluk.wordpress.com/