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City University of Hong Kong’s student union described the government’s campaign as a “joke”.

Hong Kong City Officials On Beijing Propaganda Bus Tour, April 25, 2015

Hong Kong (AFP) – Scuffles broke out Saturday as Hong Kong officials toured an urban district on a campaign to win support for a government proposal on choosing the city’s future leader which has angered pro-democracy campaigners.

Protesters said police took away at least two people during chaotic scenes following a drive-by visit by the city’s number two official, Carrie Lam, in the residential region of Kennedy Town on Hong Kong island.

“Her car just passed by so quickly. We couldn’t even see who was in the car and we don’t think they are going to listen to our voices and what we want,” student leader Leung Hiu-yeung told reporters.

Leung, vice president of the City University of Hong Kong’s student union, also…

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