Inside Croydon

Things have not been going well for the Conservative election campaign in marginal seats such as Croydon Central. As we enter the final fortnight before polling day, JOHN BRAGGINS says we should expect Rupert Murdoch’s news organisation to intervene

Croydon ConstituenciesThe latest polls show once again little movement, with the Conservatives and Labour hovering around 30 to 34 per cent.

There were two other pointers from polls this week: student voting intention Lab 35 Con 25 and Green 15 – Greens have dropped considerably from last student poll; and from Ashcroft “which direction are the ‘Don’t Knows’ moving” (net movement): Labour -19, Con -26, UKIP -31 and LibDems –41. This shows Labour getting a bigger share of undecided voters together with the impact of a Labour squeeze on LibDems and a Tory squeeze on UKIP.

The Tory attack seems now to be relentless on the SNP getting into bed with Labour…

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