The New Union

This vote seems too close to call. TNU examines the possible outcomes of the election.


Conservative majority?

Very unlikely. At this point it would seem impossible for David Cameron to win a majority of the house. 326 seats are needed, and the Conservatives would do well to get above 285.


Labour majority?

This is also very unlikely. Labour are currently thought to get about 279 seats, just under 50 short of the number required for a majority.


Conservative minority?

This doesn’t look overly viable. Sure, the Tories might be the biggest party after the vote, but they don’t have too many friends within the parliament and will struggle to pass a Queen’s Speech and vote of confidence. However, if they can get the Liberal Democrats, UKIP and maybe some Northern Irish parties such as the DUP on board, it might just be possible to run a minority. What the other…

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