Josh Cowls

Grant Shapps is in the headlines after being accused of self-serving edits made to his own entry on Wikipedia, as well as unflattering changes made to rivals’ pages. But he may not be the only politician giving himself a virtual facelift. Analysis of the Twitter account @parliamentedits, which tracks edits to Wikipedia made from inside the Houses of Parliament, shows other attempts to edit the online encyclopedia, many of them controversial.

Important disclaimer: because @parliamentedits tracks editing activity for an IP address which covers the whole parliamentary estate, it’s impossible to tie single changes to specific MPs or their staff. But the edits are, to say the least, politically convenient for the MPs in question. So here are the ten MPs whose Wikipedia pages have been edited by someone inside Parliament this year:

  • Craig Whittaker. On January 6th a user in Parliament removed references to two incidents relating to…

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