Occupied: Headlines From Palestine

PNN/ Salfit/

Israeli settlers, probabled to have entered Salfit from Immanuel settlement annexing Deir Istiya village, Tuesday morning have uprooted 450 olive trees planted by Palestinian farmers.

Amal Qoqash, Mayor of Deir Istiya said that the farmers were shocked to find their trees uprooted and sabotaged on their way to their lands.

To his part, researcher Khaled Ma’ali said that the settlement of Immanuel was constructed on the occupied land of Deir Istiya, Salfit, in addition to Jinsafut and Fundoqumiya villages of Qalqilya district, adding that the settlement also confiscated a land and constructed an industrial zone on it.

According to Ma’ali, the settlement looks onto Qana green valley. And so, the settlers look forward to seize the valley, and displace the farmers from their lands.

The settlers have paved way for it through getting an order from Israeli occupation authorities to consider the valley a natural preserve, which prevents…

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