Peace and Freedom


Hong Kong’s umbrella movement shows signs of a renaissance, with protesters camping out around government headquarters.


By Ken Wangdong

Do you remember the ‘Umbrella Revolution’ in 2014?

This was when Hong Kong protesters took to the street to fight for their democratic right to vote for their own governor in Hong Kong.

The protesters of the ‘Umbrella Revolution’ were mostly young. Their movement eventually faltered and Hong Kong was returned back to ‘law and order’.

Behind it was Beijing’s strong hand, unwilling to yield to any pressure to push for democracy in or out of Hong Kong.

Bad blood has been brewing inside Hong Kong since 1997, when the region was restored to Chinese sovereignty. Hong Kong’s youth, in particular, do not want to be part of the authoritarian regime that is China.

They deem China as a backward communist country; they deem Chinese people as different…

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