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These memes were all posted by some of the commenters over at Johnny Void’s blog, where he put up the figures released last week showing the complete and utter failure of IDS’ welfare reforms.

These memes show the reality of the Tories’ welfare policies: suffering, homeless and death, all to save their rich donors money and provide a cringing, fearful labour force.

IDS Death Meme

The one below shows IDS’ absolute hypocrisy, in talking about the terrible atrocities at Auschwitz and then importing its slogan to justify his own workfare policies. Policies which are also based on forced labour, and in which the sanctions that form a vital part of the control mechanism have also resulted in deaths.

Not that IDS is alone in using Auschwitz’ notorious motto. One of the Tories writing in one of the national newspapers also began his piece with the statement that although the slogan had become notorious…

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