Amir M.Webb

Alexander Russell Webb(Left) and Omar ibn Said(right) Alexander Russell Webb(Left) and Omar ibn Said(right)

When speaking of Islam in America there is a collective amnesia from Muslims and non-Muslims. In an attempt to shed light on Islam in early America, I looked to bring to light how Islam impacted American foreign policy. Also to explain just how long Muslims has been in America.

Islam in America has a long and  rich tradition that spans over three hundred and fifty years.  Islam was a huge factor in foreign policy under Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Jefferson and Adams both had to deal with Muslim pirates off the Barbary Coast and try to come to a conclusion of the role Islam had on the situation. Not only was Islam a factor in foreign policy but; also Islam was a force domestically. Muslim slaves such as Omar ibn Said and Ibrahim Souri were local celebrities due to their Islamic knowledge…

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