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I’ve just reblogged Tom Pride’s story about the Torygraph withholding information they received from Tory Central Office suggesting that several senior sitting Labour MPs may be paedophiles. Tom Pride makes the point that that this is absolutely scandalous, whether or not the allegations are true. If they are, then the Torygraph is covering up the information and actually protecting them. If the allegations are untrue, then it looks very much like Tory Central Office is engaging in a vile smear campaign.

Either way, it’s disgusting, and shows the extremely low standards at the Torygraph and Central Office.

Mike has a fuller account of the incident over at Vox Political in the article Is the Telegraph withholding emails that could help the inquiry into child abuse?. This comes from the account of the Labour MP Tom Watson, who was told over lunch at the Quirinale Restaurant by another MP, Chris…

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