Stop Making Sense

Paula Schmitt (@schmittpaula), author of Eudemonia, writes for +972 Magazine:

Russian President Vladimir Putin appears on state-owned television station Russia Today. (Photo by The Kremlin)‘The first thing I told my father when I accepted a job offer from Russia Today was, “at least I know where their money comes from.” I had no illusions about news outlets – they all have masters, though we can only know a few of them. In the case of RT, everyone knew who the conductor was, and I wanted to play the music. I was very much up to the job of uncovering bad things about America. I was ready to debunk the West, that philosophical province embellished by news corporations, all house-trained to sing in unison the disgrace that is the Other and how perfectly green our astroturf grows.

But as is wont to happen with laws and sausages, I couldn’t stomach the way RT’s news was made.

I hadn’t told many people I…

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