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MEP Struan Stevenson, right, said the reports on Aberdeen, left top, were 'staggering' A new European Union report has identified Aberdeen as a stronghold for Italy’s deadly Camorra mafia clan.

The Naples-based crime group has interests in the catering, food retail and property sectors in the Granite City, according a new study.

According to Italian MEP Oreste Rossi, the Transcrime research centre found evidence that Camorra and two other gangs – ‘Ndrangheta and the Sicilian Mafia – have operations in the UK.

It will publish its full report later this year

The project, which was funded by the EU, is investigating how the main organised criminal groups invested the proceeds of their crimes in selected countries between 2007 and 2013.

The mafia is said to control many businesses in Aberdeen The mafia is said to control many businesses in Aberdeen

“The Camorra stronghold is Aberdeen, the third most populous city in Scotland, where it controls the catering, public works, food retail and wholesale and property sectors,” Mr Rossi told the European Parliament.

The Camorra…

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