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In theory, prisons serve a penal-reformative-social purpose. However, in practice in Lebanon and in most countries (including those in the “First World”) the ugliest and most bloody model of prison administrations has prevailed, with Alcatraz and Guantanamo [in the United States] as two of the many examples.

In Lebanon, a reversal of roles has taken place, with prisons becoming the most dangerous terrorist command centers in the region. A small number of prisoners have assumed the roles of “emirs” of terrorism and torture. From here they issued fatwas directing inmates of other prisons to commit murder, executions, car bombings and suicide attacks. These are emirs who supervise groups of men and issue orders to perpetrate crimes; threatening presidents, ministers, judges, officers, as well as politicians and clerics; emirs who head kidnaping operations, ransoms, car thefts, drug deals, and other types of criminal rings.

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