Peace and Freedom


By An Dien, Thanh Nien News

Nguyen Van Hung, captain of Vietnamese Coast Guard Vessel No. 8003, speaks over a walkie-talkie while being flanked by a Chinese Coast Guard ship (L) in Vietnamese waters west of the Paracel Islands, in May of 2014. On May 2 of last year China deployed a giant oil rig into Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and positioned it over its continental shelf in the East Sea. China withdrew the rig more than two months later. Vietnamese authorities said Monday they are closely watching the path of the rig since it set course for the Indian Ocean on January 1, 2015. Photo credit: Bloomberg


Vietnamese agencies have kept a close eye on the path of a giant mobile oil rig since China Central Television announced it was setting off for the Indian Ocean on an “overseas assignment”.


According to local authorities on Hainan…

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