Peace and Freedom

From Lawfare

The latest issue of the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative reviews the most important maritime security developments in Asia in 2014. AMTI’s expert analysts also look ahead, highlighting what they argue are likely to be among the most important regional maritime security events of 2015. Here is a roundup of these anticipated developments.

Nicholas Khoo notes that late 2014 brought some cause for optimism, with Asian leaders calling for cooperation on South China Sea issues at APEC and ASEAN meetings in November. Whether this rhetoric translates into action is another story, however, argues Rory Medcalf. Medcalf states that China seems to be “talking the talk” on risk reduction in the region, but the big question for 2015 is whether or not Beijing will “walk the walk” on the confidence building measures it has agreed to with the United States, and a crisis hotline it has pledged to institute with Japan. This…

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