These “Nationalists” are a bunch of far-right racist bigots; why would anyone give them airing on their blog?

I concur with the comment above, that very few British and certainly English people want anything to do with these scum bags. As a point of question for these uneducated buffoons, how many can say in this land that they are truly 100% English? The Royal family certainly cannot!

I am English, born and bred, my heritage goes back at least 4 generations in London alone, yet somewhere along the line my ancestors came also from Scotland, Ireland and from Central Europe as Jews, the very people that these imbeciles in the NF would have had removed from this country until they realised that they would happily stand alongside them if they would hate Muslims with them.

This is our Britain, a nation that has a historically rich mixed heritage , has been colonised over and over by many groups, including the Celts/Gaels, Romans, Germans, Nordics and French to name but a few and welcomes hard working people from around the world, regardless of their colour, cast or religion. Our Britain does not belong to those who would not recognise humanity if it smacked them hard in the face.

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Uploaded on Dec 25, 2009

This is colonisation.
This is a message to all British people out there! Don’t sit back and let us become ethnic minority in our own land. The UK is being invaded, and we need to stop the invasion. Vote for the National Front to save our nation!



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