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Sony is planning to release Seth Rogen’s controversial comedy, “The Interview” for free on its own streaming service Crackle, The New York Post’s Dana Sauchelli reports, citing unnamed sources.

A lawyer for Sony Pictures stated on “Meet The Press” Sunday that the film would be distributed, but he wasn’t yet sure how.

“The Interview” was scheduled for a Christmas Day release in theaters nation-wide. Sony canceled it after hackers threatened it and breached its servers, releasing 32,000 private email messages written by Sony executives.

Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Friday that his company did not “cave” to the pressure of hackers. Lynton said the film’s release was canceled because theaters came to Sony one by one over the course of a “very short period of time … and announced they would not carry the movie.”

Lynton says Sony had “no alternative” but to…

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