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BEIJING — The former police chief of a major city in northern China has been charged with corruption, state media said on Thursday, after he was sacked for allowing his drunk son to be set free, despite having attacked a policeman.

Li Yali was the top police officer in Taiyuan, which lies about 500 km (300 miles) southwest of Beijing, until last year, when footage of his son’s drunken violence went viral on the Internet.

His son, Li Zhengyuan, was stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence in October 2012 and was found to be drunk at the wheel. He attacked one of the police officers, who then walked him home instead of arresting him, state media said.

A Communist Party investigation found that Li Yali had abused his power while handling his son’s case, and he has now been arrested and charged with accepting bribes, the official…

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