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Papuan Political Activist cum Prisoner Filep Karma is a living proof that 15 years of sentence behind jail bars hasn’t affected his ideology for fighting for the Papuan Independence 

Free Felip Karma Petition Free Felip Karma Petition

Filep Karma, today is undoubtedly the best-known political prisoner from West Papua. His detention – one of the more than some 100 Papuan and Moluccan political prisoners in Indonesian jails – highlights the deep problems of Indonesian rule in Papua. For most part Papuan campaigners are considered separatists who commit treason against the Indonesian State. The manner in which peaceful political activities were criminalized has led to the capture and imprisonment of many leaders including Karma. This strategy is not new to our world – the effective manner through which Papuan nationalist sentiments have been oppressed is a tried and tested tactic.

Karma went to jail for daring to raise the Morning Star Flag in July 1998, later on…

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