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20130911-225453.jpgAnyone who has heard the “hit” song from Robin Thicke, Blurred lines can attest to its rather controversial lyrics, with some critics saying that it is misogynistic at best whilst others claim that some of it’s lines reinforce rape myths.

There are two versions of the music video exist, with Robin Thicke and his co-collaborators Pharrell Williams and T.I. Being serenaded by very scantily clad female models in one version, whilst the other shows the same models topless wearing flesh coloured underwear.

Whilst I could not personally agree that the song and video might do anything to promote rape, they’d definitely go some way towards reinforcing the degradation of women in society and are absolutely saturated in misogyny and chauvinism.

A group of law students from New Zealand, the Law Revue Girls, have fault back with their parody of Thicke’s song, called Defined Lines. Ironically, following complaints to YouTube, their video was pulled from the site whilst both versions of Thicke’s music video remained!

The parody video has been reinstated to YouTube, so rather than trying to explain the song, see and listen to it for yourself at Defined Lines (YouTube) or at Defined Lines (Vimeo)